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Training opportunities

The Association for Music and Imagery (AMI) endorse GIM training programmes for Music Therapists, psychotherapists and others suitably qualified who wish to become practitioners. AMI approved Primary Trainers deliver these programmes. Those resident in the UK are Professor Leslie Bunt and Martin Lawes.

There are three levels of training which are typically delivered over a three to five year period. Level I training (3-5 days depending on the training programme) is intended to be an introduction to the method and its core elements. All three levels need to be completed to be qualified to practise.

Please contact Leslie Bunt for information about his training programme which he delivers in Bristol, Ireland and Italy with Martin Lawes, Ian Leslie and Barbara Zanchi.

Information about the Integrative GIM Training Programme founded by Martin Lawes can be found here. This training programme is delivered in London.

The "IMAGEing" - European Guided Imagery & Music trainings programme also currently deliver training in the UK. Further information about their courses can be found here.

An international listing of all GIM primary trainers and training programmes can be found here.