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UK based trainers

Leslie Bunt

I became a Primary Trainer in 2006 and have been facilitating groups based in Italy, Ireland and the UK. I am currently developing a hybrid approach to training, working with experienced music therapy and GIM colleagues in Italy, Ireland and Scotland that includes not only an AMI-endorsed training in Helen Bonny’s approach to GIM, but also introduces trainees to modifications such as Lisa Summer’s Continuum Model (Jojo Lander) and Ian Leslie’s Engaged Music Listening with Guided Breathing (EMLGB). Some of the didactic material will be presented online and, when safe to do so, the experiential work will be facilitated in person during residential meetings. All four members of the training team will be involved in all levels of the trainings in each country.

For latest developments in Ireland please contact Ian Leslie at; for Italy (based at MusicSpace Italy in Bologna) Barbara Zanchi at and for Scotland Jojo Lander at

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Martin Lawes:

The Integrative GIM Training Programme, which is endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI), offers online and in-person training in Music and Imagery (MI) and in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). The certificate courses in Supportive and Reeducative MI offered by the training programme are complete in themselves, but also form the foundation for training in the Bonny Method of GIM. MI methods are increasingly important in contemporary practice and research, with a wide clinical application. For those also trained in GIM, MI and GIM methods can be integrated as part of a flexible approach to meeting client need.


These courses are open to qualified music therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists. This includes therapists trained in GIM on other training programmes, who are not trained in the specialist MI methods offered by the Integrative GIM Training Programme. Full details are available at:  


The Integrative GIM Training Programme also offers CPD courses for GIM therapists and music therapists. The CPD programme in recent years, with invited specialist trainers from the USA and Europe, has included training in Music Breathing, in the use of mandalas in GIM, in Music-Centred GIM, and in Music and Relaxation methods for music therapists.

International /online trainings endorsed by the Association of Music and Imagery click here:

European / online trainings endorsed by the European Association of Music and Imagery click here: 

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