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UK based trainers

Chiron International GIM Training:

Location: East Sussex, UK United Kingdom      Phone:0044-07974 356 540

Directors: Professor Leslie Bunt, MBE, PhD, LGSM (MT), FAMI, FRSA, Director

Assistants: Ian Leslie, Barbara Zanchi, Joanna Lander, Jasenka Horvat

Description: Leslie Bunt’s AMI-endorsed GIM training continues to develop a more international perspective. Developments throughout 2022 led to the creation of a new name for this training which is now described as CHIRON INTERNATIONAL GIM TRAINING: THE BONNY METHOD AND GIM MODIFICATIONS with reference to Chiron, the mythical figure of the ‘wounded healer’ (a term introduced by Jung in 1951).

The training team assisting Leslie are all AMI Fellows working across Europe. 


For information, please contact Leslie Bunt or other members of the Chiron team:

Croatia: Jasenka Horvat (

Ireland: Ian Leslie (

Italy: Barbara Zanchi (

UK: Jojo Lander (

Hong Kong and Taiwan: Please contact advanced level trainee Hugo Wong ( who is administrating the trainings in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Trainings delivered in 2022 included an online Level I for music therapists from Hong Kong and Taiwan and the first Level I in Croatia. Level I online trainings were also completed in the UK and Ireland, with online and in person Level I and II seminars taking place in Italy.  The Level I in Croatia is integrated into a university-based module on post-graduate specialist studies in creative therapies (music therapy) at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia, where Jasenka Horvat is an associate professor. This university-based initiative is similar to a new Level I that forms part of the MA programme and a specialist Continuing Professional Development module at the Bruno Maderna Music Conservatoire in Cesena, Italy where Barbara Zanchi is Director of the MA programme in Music Therapy. 

Forthcoming trainings in 2023 include:

Music therapists from the UK and Ireland Level II group will meet in person for the residential part of their training from 13-16 April 2023 at The Ammerdown Centre, England. The Croatia cohort go on to Level II with online seminars taking place in January and February 2023 followed by the residential part in Croatia in May 2023. Trainees from Hong Kong and Taiwan move on to Level II online in March and June 2023, followed by a residential seminar in Hong Kong at the end of September 2023. For Italy a Level II and possible Level III are being planned for 2023.


The above trainings currently adhere to AMI’s 'Classic' style of training. Future Level I trainings from 2023 shall be adopting the 'flexible' approach with at least 35 hours at the Introductory Level and the remaining 155 at the Advanced Level. Chiron training programmes offer guest presentations from experienced colleagues with a range of specialist interests.

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 Integrative GIM Training Programme:

The Integrative GIM Training Programme, offers online and in-person training in Music and Imagery (MI) and in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). The certificate courses in Supportive and Reeducative MI offered by the training programme are complete in themselves, but also form the foundation for training in the Bonny Method of GIM. MI methods are increasingly important in contemporary practice and research, with a wide clinical application. For those also trained in GIM, MI and GIM methods can be integrated as part of a flexible approach to meeting client need.


These courses are open to qualified music therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists. This includes therapists trained in GIM on other training programmes, who are not trained in the specialist MI methods offered by the Integrative GIM Training Programme. Full details are available at:


The Integrative GIM Training Programme also offers CPD courses for GIM therapists and music therapists. The CPD programme in recent years, with invited specialist trainers from the USA and Europe, has included training in Music Breathing, in the use of mandalas in GIM, in Music-Centred GIM, and in Music and Relaxation methods for music therapists.

International /online trainings endorsed by the Association of Music and Imagery click here:

European / online trainings endorsed by the European Association of Music and Imagery click here: 

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